Colour Changing Dancing LED Christmas Lights - Indoor and Outdoor

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  • Length: 1990cm
  • 200 LED
  • Colour Changing and Warm White in One set

With a range of colours and combinations of twinkles, this lighting really stands out. With the remote control you can choose from 7 standard colours, but from more than 30 twinkle functions. Here are a few examples of the twinkle functions:

  • Rainbow: the top part of the tree turns blue, the middle part red and the bottom part yellow.
  • Crash: The lights move quickly towards and away from each other.
  • Multicoloured fading: various colours that slowly turn off and on again.

The lighting should not be missing to make it a real party.

  • 200 lights
  • 19.9 meters with lights
  • 8 meter connection cable 
  • LED
  • Twinkle effect
  • Multicolour
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use


The basic compact lights have a timer. The timer ensures that the lighting is on for 6 hours and then switches off again. For example, if you switch the lighting on at 6:00 PM, it will go out again at 00:00.

For indoor and outdoor use!

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