Frosted Norwich Pine Christmas Tree

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6 Foot Dimensions:

  • Height: 180cm
  • Diameter: 89cm
  • Number of tips: 626

7 Foot Dimensions:

  • Height: 210cm
  • Diameter: 99cm
  • Number of tips: 882


  • Branch Structure: Hinged
  • Foot Diameter: 46cm
  • Number of Sections: 3
  • Stem Diameter: 2cm
  • Tree foot metal
  • 12 Years Warranty
  • PVC mix of soft and hard needles


If a full pine needle tree is what you are looking for then the Norwich Pine Christmas Tree with its many realistic pine cones could be the one for you. This version is enhanced with a frosted look to its branch tips and is a good choice to take home. 

Pine trees are an alternative to the many spruce like trees on offer, especially with its  large number of realistic pine cones. At 89cm (6ft) or 99cm (7ft) wide it's sure to fit in most homes. Made with a mix of PVC soft and hard needles which means it's going to last many festive periods.

Its hinged metal branches make it a easy to set up quickly.  Unlike a hook on tree the branches are guaranteed  stay on during Christmas.  Hinged branches also make for an easy pack away too.  Not only that the Norwich is very durable too, especially with its metal foot. To give you piece of mind it also comes with a 12 year warranty which  makes for a safe long term investment. 

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