AFK Orchard Cottage Arbour in Sage And Cream

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What you are looking at here is a made in Britain. This Seated Garden Cottage Arbour from AFK, is the perfect garden feature not only great to admire but useful for sitting comfortably. So why is it important that it is constructed in the UK? We believe that it is important to support UK businesses especially these days where we ought to be employing more people in UK manufacturing. 

How big is this Arbour?

H: 1.96m (77″)
W: 1.36m (54″)
D: 0.81m (32″)

How are AFK Arbours Made?

This popular Sage and Cream AFK Cottage Arbour is painted using specially formulated paint by Sherwin Williams. Sherwin Williams also make marine paint which is encouraging for anyone considering to purchase an arbour for their garden, The paint itself is designed for exterior painting of homes in the arctic circle such as  in Finland. Which means its a finish to rely upon. 

Do I need a cover for my AFK Arbour?

A very frequent question we hear is can I buy a cover? It is not necessary at all to cover your painted arbour which is made by this particular manufacturer. In simple terms you don't see houses in Scandinavia with covers over them. We recommend not buying a cover is best, besides that you get to see your purchase all year round. 

Under the lovely sage and cream colour is the wood. During a tour of the AFK factory  Frank Duxbury learned how these AFK Arbours are made in Lincolnshire UK. 

Duxburys Home and Garden is a family run business and loves to be involved with other family run businesses such as AFK.

Slow growing Redwood.

Chris King partner with Father Anthony Fredrick King (where this iconic company used his AFK initials to form the company name) Chris went on to explain that It all starts with the timber. Choosing Redwood Trees which grow in the arctic circle and is very sustainable for the future is important and here's why. Sustainable slow growing wood is stronger and also better for the paint to stick to as the finish is smoother especially when using Redwood. 

Old fashioned methods are stronger.

The luxury look is complimented using mortise and tenon joints which are pinned and glued to make sure it stays wobble free. Its robust construction gives confidence to very heavy people considering such a purchase for their garden design.

This is what Frank saw at the factory.

Modern machines cutting and shaping wood that forms the curved roof and extra supports which are notched out to help prevent warping. These machines are impressive and useful for making the comfortable curved seat. Which makes it possible to sit out for longer periods whilst chatting or reading. 

How are they painted?

The painting process blew Frank away. Over the years AFK have invested fortunes on improving their  manufacturing and painting systems, which not only improves the quality but keeps costs down to a minimum. In reality this means that this family business can continue making them in Lincolnshire and keep local folk employed in the village. We won't go into detail but let's say nobody in the factory has repetitive strain injuries from double painting the rooves. Let's give thanks to the one armed robot and his spraying technique. 

Are they easy to carry?

The Arbours are supplied flat packed, which makes for easy carrying and will fit into most cars with the back seat folded down. Generally the roof and side sections are fully constructed and only need small parts such as the roofing cap fitting. 

Are they easy to build?

It's a good idea that two people work together in assembly, all instructions and fittings supplied which make it easy for novices to install. Just incase you needed it, small pots of touch up paint for each colour is supplied with your arbour.

Do they make great gifts?

Experience tells us that people who love flowers also love these painted Arbours especially with a wide choice of colour combinations to choose from. They also make for great gifts too. The arm rest is more than ample for big arms. Its design feature includes a conveniently positioned drinks holder. This goes down a storm with those of us who enjoy a tipple in the afternoon. 

How do I look after my arbour?

We should let you know that this product is made of wood which naturally swells and contracts. This means its possible to for natural splitting or cracking and you may see small imperfections such as the odd knot. None of these will have long term detriment and you will enjoy your painted arbour for many years. please feel free to use the complimentary touch up paint when necessary. After time say 3 to 5 years its best to give your arbour a full refresh of paint.  

Could I have it delivered?

If you live in the UK mainland we will oragnise FREE Delivery for you. It will arrive on a pallet kerbside and its best to unload section by section. The best way to dispose of the pallet is to google pallets wanted for your area and it can be collected and recycled for future use.

Metal feet not included. Available to purchase as an add on.

Planters not included. Available to purchase as an add on.

Click here to get your Arbour Anchoring Kit to keep your arbour stabilised through the unpredictable English weather!

Height 2.1m
Width 1.36m
Depth 0.81m

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