2 Seater Hetton Garden Bench by Tom Chambers

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If sitting out and taking it all in is on sunny days is on your agenda. Then there is nothing more comfy than this Tom Chambers 2 Seater Hetton Garden Bench.


At 4 feet wide this 2 seat bench comes with its remarkably shaped high back and curved seat for added comfort. Featuring wonderfully curved wide arms which are not only good for resting your arms, but also very useful for resting your glass on between sips.

Width 126cm, Depth 71cm, Height 96cm

Made in Britain.

Best of all its made in Britain which is not very common these days. Most brands tend to have them made overseas.  Supporting our country's manufacturing makes us feel good especially nowadays as most products are imported.

Easy assembly.

Tom Chambers has really come up with something special. Not only that, because this 2 Seat Hetton Bench comes self assembly. This means it's easy for us to deliver anywhere in the UK. These benches also make great gifts. You can give them yourself if you like because they fit into most small cars easily.

No complicated glueing  or dowels used. Only 6 strong coach bolts required which are enclosed with the very easy to follow instructions. it will be up and ready to enjoy in no time.  It's nice rich coloured stain complements its design. 

Is this bench suitable for heavy people?

This 2 Seat Hetton Bench is made from slow growing Redwood timber. Grown on the edge of the arctic circle in Scandinavia. This  means its FSC sustainable. Stronger and better lasting than most softwood grown in other areas of the world. Its extra strength is assuring as we often answer the question is it a bench for heavy people and yes it is.

Many customers are so happy with the comfort that they buy another one soon after. They are so easy to place under windows in your front garden, on the patio, or at the bottom of the garden. It's no wonder why happy customers buy more than one.

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