Special Diets

Maple Leaf Special Diets Menu
Please note… all chutneys and sauces used on our gluten free menu may contain corn-flour, so we always put them into a separate pot, so you can decide if you can eat them or not. Further details are on the products in the farm shop.
All breads and spreads on this menu are ether gluten free or suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Vegetarian Breakfast
Two free range eggs – fried or poached, sauté potatoes, two vegetarian sausages, grilled tomato, bucket of beans, button mushrooms and Cottage Loaf white or granary toast with butter and either a pot of jam or marmalade. - £7.99
Gluten Free Breakfast
Two free range eggs – fried or poached, two slices of back bacon, sauté potatoes, gluten free GF sausages, grilled tomato, bucket of beans, button mushrooms and one slice of gluten free toast with butter and either a pot of jam or marmalade. - £8.99
Vegan Breakfast
Aubergine and tomato bacon, mixed vegetable sausage, bean feast egg, salt and pepper grilled tomato, roasted mushroom, sauté potatoes, bucket of beans and Cottage Loaf white or granary toast with butter substitute and either a pot of jam or marmalade. - £7.99
Gluten Free English Muffin Breakfast
Two free range poached eggs, sat upon two slices of buttered muffin and roast ham or bacon, topped with hollandaise sauce and served with a rocket salad drizzled with balsamic syrup and sauté potatoes - £8.99
Breakfast Bites
Served on a buttered GF bread
Sauté potatoes, three rashers of bacon or three GF sausages or mix and match - £4.99
Add a fried or poached egg for an extra - 95p
Cottage Loaf white or granary toast with spread - £1.99
3 slices Gluten Free Toasted white bread with butter and either jam or marmalade - £2.99
Home-made soup
Chef’s soup of the day (please see GF specials board) Served with warm roll and butter - 4.99
GF Sandwiches served Genius Gluten Free Bread
All are sandwiches are served with chefs dressed salad, home-made coleslaw and gluten free
  • Local Cheddar Cheese grated and served with and tomatoes or Branston - 5.49
  • Free range egg mayonnaise and cress - 5.49
  • Royal Greenland prawns in Rose Marie sauce - 7.99
  • Tuna mayonnaise-with cucumber or red onion - 6.49
  • Hand carved English ham with salad, sliced boiled egg, and cress - 6.49
  • Roast Breast of Chicken - 6.49
Just Cheese on Toast
Grated cheddar, toasted on gluten free bread, served with Mrs Ds farmers pickle, with dressed salad, coleslaw and Lancashire crisps - 7.99
Blue Cheese Melt
Blue cheese and cheddar cheese mixed and melted on gluten toasted bread, served with Mrs Darlington’s farmer pickle, dressed salad, coleslaw and gluten free crisps - 8.99
please note all cheeses used on are menu are Gluten free as they are freshly grated to order and not bought in grated that has been passed through corn starch
Vegan and vegetarian sandwiches
All are sandwiches are served on cottage loaf vegan bread, with a choice of white or granary with chefs dressed salad, pickled coleslaw and Hawkers Crisps.
  • BBQ pulled jack fruit
  • Peanut butter & banana Waldorf salad
  • Artichoke & olives with sun-dried tomatoes
  • Sun dried tomato, rocket & pesto
  • Roasted red pepper & hummus
 All £6.99

Add fries to any of the above for £1.99
Maple Leaf Gluten/vegan free extras
  • Real chips - 2.49
  • Skinny Fries - 2.49
  • Cheesy chips - 2.99
  • Chips and gravy -2.99
  • Bread and butter (2 slices) - 1.99
All deep fried foods are cooked in a separate fryer, designated for this purpose
Jacket Potatoes
Jackets are served with chefs dressed salad
  • Cheesey cheddar - 4.99
  • Tuna mayonnaise - 5.99
  • Bacon and cheese - 6.49
  • Royal Greenland prawns &Rose Marie dressing - 7.99
  • Cheddar cheese and baked beans - 5.99
  • Vegan bean feast - 6.99
Maple Leaf Salads bowls and Platters
  • Chicken Caesar Grilled chicken breast of chicken, crispy bacon and fresh anchovy’s , served on green leaves with Parmesan shavings, French dressing and topped with a soft poached egg, potato chip croutons - 9.99
  • Duxburys hearty Ploughman’s Platter Hand carved roast ham, Lancashire cheese, sliced chicken, side salad, pickles, boiled egg, potato wedges, ploughman’s chutney, gluten free bread and seasoned butter pot - 11.99
  • Fisherman’s Platter Royal Greenland prawns, smoked salmon, tuna flakes, boiled egg, mini fish and chips, served with chef’s salad, Rose Marie sauce served with GF bread and butter - 12.99
  • Maple leaf salad A traditional roast sliced ham, boiled egg, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cucumber, mustard cress. Topped with a drizzle of Heinz salad cream and topped with hot potato croutons. GF bread & butter - 9.99
  • Surprise V platter A platter of BBQ pulled jack fruit, (Peanut butter & banana) Waldorf salad, Artichoke & olives with sun-dried tomatoes, Sun dried tomato, rocket & pesto, Roasted red pepper & hummus, Chefs salad and rustic bread - 10.99 
Maple Leaf Gluten Free Mains
Beer Battered Fish and Chips served with real chips, mushy peas, home-made tartar sauce, lemon and bread and butter
  • Regular Portion - £8.99
  • Large portion - £10.99 
Pan Grilled Omelette Choice of ham & cheese or cheese & onion served with real chips or jacket potato.
  • Regular Portion - £6.99
  • Large portion - £8.99 
Ham, Egg and Chips our own cooked hand carved ham served cold with eggs and real chips
  • Regular Portion - £6.99
  • Large portion - £8.99 
Freshly made baked ratatouille with sliced courgette's and topped with breadcrumbs and cheese. Served with garlic toast, and chefs dressed salad - £8.99
Maple Leaf Gluten Free and Vegan Sweets
Please ask or see are Gluten Free range of cakes
Maple Leaf Gluten Free Kids Menu
  • Two gluten free sausages, fries and beans
  • Chicken salad with potato chip croutons
  • Free range fried eggs with buttered chunky toasted soldiers
  • Hot Chicken and chips, gravy with beans
  • Ham, egg and fries
  • Children sandwich and French fries
All £5.99
Maple Leaf Vegan Kids Menu
  • Quorn Nuggets, fries and baked beans
  • Warm BBQ pulled jack fruit mini buns, with fries and salad 
All £5.99
Gluten free roast beef and roast turkey dinners
Available Every Sunday from 11am
Vegan roast dinners available 48 hour notice